Work and Play as a Professional Portrait Photographer

My blog this month is about all the fun traveling we get to do while working for AM Studios as professional photographers.  For example, we get to go to some gorgeous places with nearby state and national parks, all while having hotels and gas paid for, so it’s very enjoyable. When you’re traveling to the towns and cities you’re working in, you always leave early so that you can take scenic routes so you can get those photos of the hidden places that look unbelievable.  And then occasionally we get the chance to fly to places like Alaska which is what i’m going to talk about today.  So when going to Alaska you fly into Anchorage to photograph at the 5th Avenue Mall, and then you get four extra days off with a rental car to sightsee and that is all paid by the company.  Some of the places I drove to was the Denali National Park and state park Glacier View, Alaska near Anchorage.  Their were so many things to do we had to schedule it out.

Adventuring Around Alaska as an AM Studios Photographer

The first things we did on our first day off was go around the local sites around Anchorage. The first place we went to was a factory that creates a tool the eskimos used dating back some almost 500+ years. Its call an Ulu and has a rounded blade and handle that are very sharp and a great knife for the kitchen recommended for every home. We also went a saw the bay and cove of the Anchorage area where the ships come in and you can get awesome rustic shots. Then there’s a park near the airport were there is a cove to see a lot of the northern mountains. I do recommend a nice wide angle lens shot for the cove otherwise you don’t get a good sense of the scenery.

A child holding leaves in Anchorage Alaska

On the second day off we went up to Denali national and state parks and did a bit of hiking while waiting for the sun to go down for a chance at the northern lights. The 2 and a half hour drive up to Denali was fun, we saw a ton of bald eagles which I don’t get to see too often while they are just in there natural habitat. So much different then of course at a reserve or a zoo. Also the other wildlife there, especially the moose are not shy. We saw a lot mostly females no males, but they were even willing to walk up on us while taking photos of it. Then after hiking and animal viewing we waited in the car for late night for a chance to see the northern lights. Even though we didn’t actually get to see the northern lights we did get a few nice starry night photos.

Day three and four was more simple and relaxing days. Day three we forgot the camera but got to go to Glacier View, Alaska thinking they might have some good sights of the glaciers. They did but without the picture to capture the moment, my description would not do it justice. All I can say is gorgeous because that’s just what it was. On day four we did more in-town sightseeing and we gotta watch how they make gold quartz jewelry and “Ooooo My God” they are gorgeous pieces that had me, a dude, ogling over them and yes they are worth every penny. So that wraps up my Alaska trip and how I enjoy working for a company that you get to sight see and make money at the same time!

Jeff Clark, Professional Portrait Photographer

About me; so my names Jeff Clark. Very common name look it up and get a billion hits. I started getting into photography in middle school when my uncle took me to a park to try out some new lenses and filters for his camera and since then I always snuck my mom’s point and click digital camera. Then when I got into high school my school had photography as an option and I jumped on it first learning film photography with black and white for 1 ½ years then digital and photoshop for another 1 ½ years while my fourth year we had more freedom with a subject project every week. Since then i’ve never let go of the camera, mostly self taught with high school teaching and some collage. Doing it for almost 15 years now after buying my first dslr at 18 and doing my own senior photos with a timer and tripod.

Jeff Clark, professional portrait photographer at AM Studios