At AM Portrait studios we know families come in all shapes and sizes. For this family, this meant this fun couple and their kids, two Scottish terriers!

Documenting Growth through Pet Portrait Photography

As a repeat customer with AM Portrait Studios they have been able to document their growth throughout the seasons and make memories with their little family.   For this portrait shoot this meant matching pink attire for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. I loved seeing the puppies walk in for the photo shoot with their little scarves all ready to go! This session started with taking their family photo for the promotional package, however we were also able to get extra poses during the shoot of just the puppies together, the puppies individual portraits and some professional shots of the couple together without the dogs.

A smiling Scottish Terrier wearing a pink bow in Colorado Springs portrait photography

It was easy to tell that the puppies were used to getting their portraits taken so often!

Even though dogs are the most typical animal included in the portraits, I have also photographed all kinds of animals during my time as a studio photographer including cats, parrots, bunnies, hamsters and even a goat! Unlike other studios who charge extra fees for each animal, our $10 sitting fee covers up to twelve people and ANY pets you choose to bring in!

Two Scottish Terriers in Colorado Springs taking portraits at Andrae Michaels Portrait Studio

Pets Make Portraits More Fun

While not all of our locations nationwide can allow animals, it is always a fun bonus when they do! If interested in including pets in your portraits, when signing up for an appointment, the representative can let you know if animals are allowed at that location. Additionally when the photographer contacts you as a reminder for your session, it is helpful to again confirm how many pets and what kind you plan on bringing. The photographer can then inform you of the easiest location to bring the animals through the mall and in certain situations, recommend parking at the closest entrance and having one member in the group come check in for the shoot. Then when your family is up for the session you can bring the rest of the family and pets in to keep the animals comfortable. Bringing treats or a favorite toy of the pet may be helpful in getting the animals attention during the shoot, however we usually carry our own squeaky toys as well to help with animals.

Two Scottish Terriers sit in a basket during their portrait session at Andrae Michaels in Colorado Springs

Pet Photography Tips to Triumph your next Pet Portrait Session

In my experience photographing animals, utilizing these tips will help the session run smoothly and makes for as stress free and easy as experience as possible! So if your family includes kids of the animal kind, be sure to inquire about including them when scheduling your next portrait appointment!

Ashley Flora, an AM Studios photographer in Colorado Springs