Motherly Love

I love getting the chance to take Maternity Photos because being pregnant only last so long and I constantly hear mothers talk about how fast a pregnancy goes, or about how they miss being pregnant. I know as a photographer I get the chance to capture that moment forever so that mother can look back anytime she wants and remember her pregnancy fondly. Being pregnant is such a special time and I love getting to be the one who captures the moment forever.

Stork Special

AM Studios understands how important pregnancy is just as much as I do. We offer a promotion called the Stork Special.   If you are pregnant when you come in to get your photos we will give you an extra free promotion for after the baby is born. You are able to capture the pregnancy as well as your newborn baby. If you are thinking about getting your maternity photos done be sure to mention that you are pregnant when you buy the first promotion and we will give you the second one for free.

Photography Props

Being pregnant is a very personal thing, and I want to make it as personal for you as possible. To help with that bringing props is a great way to make your photographs more personal for you. There are many props you can bring, if you already have a pair of baby shoes or a onesie those can make the photo session that much more unique. I want to provide the best photo session and best photos I can and bringing props are always a huge help.

Letting Your Photographer Know

Let’s be honest no pregnant women wants anyone coming up to her and assuming she is pregnant. We have also all made the mistake of thinking someone was pregnant when they may not have been. Those two situations can end up very awkward. So for the sake of your photographer don’t make them guess if you are pregnant or not. I love to take maternity photos but I do not like to guess whether you are pregnant or not!

Maternity Portrait of a young hispanic woman in Colorado Springs

About Grace Hill, Professional Portrait Photographer

I am a creative adventurer. I have been working as a photographer for the past 2 years, and love to do anything outside in my free time. I love to travel and try new things. I’m always looking for my next big adventure.

I graduated New Mexico State University in December 2015 with a degree in 3D Animation and Visual Effects. After I graduated I started working as a photographer. I spent the summer after I graduated backpacking and hiking all over New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. I love the outdoors and go hiking or backpacking any chance I get. If you would like to see some of my other photographs check out my website: or my instagram: gracehillsstudio

Grace Hill portrait photographer and traveling adventurer