Bring Your Smile and Sense of Humor to your Portrait Photography Session

As a photographer I love when you get that traditional pose just right and it come out looking clean and classical, but I also love it when you bring in a sense of humor and want to just have fun. I recently had a group of young men come in who just wanted some goofy photos done. They brought in props and we just spent the 20 minute session coming up with funny poses and laughing. It was really fun for me to try and capture there different personalities and sense humor in each photo.

A professional portrait of three young men holding a stuffed animal

Not Every Professional Portrait Needs to be a Classic

Every family wants a classic photo to hang up in there home. I know my parents still have the classic photos of all of us hanging up in there hallway at home, but they also have more whimsical photos of all of us just messing around. It really gives you a chance to show of your how unique your family is. I love taking the perfect classic family photo and knowing that will be something hanging on the wall for generations to come. That doesn’t mean that every photo has to be like that. I love it when a family comes in with a pose or an idea of a silly photo they want to do.

Professional portrait photo of young man sitting in a classic pose

Photo Props, Portrait Props and Prop Props!

I can not stress enough how important props are. If you have a stuffed animal, or a silly drawing, or a half eaten burrito like the young men in this session had please bring it in. It makes the photo unique to you and your family and it is a great time to get a non traditional silly photo. Especially if you have a young kid or a baby, bring in their favorite toy or blanky. We can get a great smile out of your child and you can walk away with a cute photo of your child playing with there favorite toy.

Don’t Forget Your Smiles!

You can come take nothing but silly photos or both silly photos and traditional photos either way you are walking away with a memory that will last a lifetime, weather you just put a photo in your wallet or get a huge canvas to hang over your fireplace. Hope to see you next time we are in town!

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