AM Studios is the fastest growing photography company in the western United States!

Our mission is to build a company that understands that the work of the individual is just as important as the work of the organization. If you’re not successful, neither are we. Our growth has enabled us to offer a diversity of opportunities ranging between $35k-$110k annually. If you desire more out of life than what you are currently receiving, if you love to travel, if you have a sense of adventure, then look no further. We not only promote financial freedom but personal growth as well!

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How it Works

A 3 Phase Operation

AM Studios specializes in a three phase operation that takes place in some of the largest retail service centers in the world. We currently service just over a quarter of a million people a week, Monday through Sunday, year round. With the right leadership and determination from candidates like yourself; we will double and quadruple that figure within the next calendar year. AM Studios is a company built from the “E-Myth Principle”; meaning people run systems and systems run businesses. Without systems, we are nothing more than raw talent and ability.


Where Can You Provide the Most Value?

Pre-Registration Sales

This position involves setting up in our retail service centers. Through our low pressure, non-aggressive techniques one presents our promotions to clients and involves them in our program. We seek to serve each customer for their benefit of getting new memories on their walls. This is a great position for anyone wanting to get their foot in the door with sales or for someone with experience wanting to come in and excel in their skills. Whether you would be entry-level or experienced in sales, you will see immediate financial gratification following our system.

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Our photographers complete between 10 to 50 sittings per day. We provide a variety of photography and use the latest technology available. With paid on the job training, classroom training and room for advancement, this is another incredible opportunity that we offer.

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Portrait Consultant

This is truly a people person position, sitting down with clients one-on-one, happily involving them in the purchase of their customized portrait collections. Portraits are memories and as a Portrait Consultant we are excited to serve each client with this valuable experience of putting up memories in their homes!

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Partnership Promotions

The Entrepreneur’s Dream

Being an entrepreneur is not just about ideas, it’s about putting in the work to make your ideas happen. With this opportunity, AM Studios has done the work and created a system for success. The Partnership Promotions are comprised of a fool proof system for when you have a true entrepreneur putting those systems into place. AM Studios is a company built from the “E-Myth Principle”; meaning people run systems and systems run businesses. Without systems, we are nothing more than raw talent and ability.

If you have been looking for a product or company that you can join and stand behind the product you have found one!

The basic run down of the Partnership program could not be a simpler process. For basic entry level you learn the business then recruit and train 2 people. Responsibilities entail team building, motivating, and most importantly, leading by example. You hand pick the locations you want to work monthly, with over 200 locations in 28 states to choose from, and new locations being added monthly.

This is truly an extraordinary opportunity, and with our proven systems and techniques you can start living the lifestyle you choose. If you enjoy a challenge and have adventure in your heart, then you may possess the genes we are looking for.

Contact us for the opportunity to tour our beautiful corporate office, located in Colorado Springs CO, to see for yourself the myriad opportunities AM Studios provides daily. We look forward to hearing from you!

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AM Studios is truly a Family Company

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