Portrait Photography Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

Do you wear glasses like I do? Glasses can be fun to wear due to the different styles and frames that are out there. There are a few tips and pointers to make sure you take a great portrait with your glasses on:

These 6 Tips Will Help You Look Great If You Wear Glasses

  1. You want to make sure that your glasses are nice and clean for your portrait photography session. So make sure you have your glass cleaner cloth with you and give it a nice wipe down so you look great in your photographs.
  2. Push your glasses close to your face. You don’t want your glasses hanging off the edge of your nose in your portraits.
  3. Adjust your glasses to make sure they are flush with your eyebrows so you don’t look crooked in your beautiful portrait photos!
  4. With certain glasses, glare can be an issue because of the thickness and curve of the lens. There may be a time where the portrait photographer will ask you to tilt your head down. This prevents glare showing up in your professional portrait photos.
  5. If you have transition lenses (lenses that darken in light), don’t worry! The flash from the lights won’t darken because it doesn’t emit UV light, which makes lenses darken.
  6. If you do wear glasses but will not be wearing them in your portrait session, make sure you take them off 20 minutes prior to avoid leaving marks on your face.
Portrait photo of mother and daughter wearing glasses

Please consult your photographer when they confirm your appointment if you have any further concerns regarding your portrait session with glasses!

Anthony Tolentino is an Air Force veteran who has been doing photography for over 14 years. He grew up in New York/New Jersey studying theater, dance and music which evolved into film and photography. His passion for photography has thrived even more while traveling for AM Studios. When he isn’t photographing, he produces his own music playing guitar, piano, and drums.

Portrait Photographer Anthony Tolentino