This month’s blog is to help inform AM clients of how to get the most from a family portrait session.

Tip #1 Prepping everyone before the session

Although getting a big group together may be stressful, in the end the rewards are more than beneficial. Allow AM Studio to help assist you to get the family photos you are requesting. First off understand everyone has a busy schedule, and coordinating outfits may be a hassle. Sticking to solid colors and simply going light or dark will help you relieve some stress.

Tip # 2 Working with kids during the photo session

Although we love our kiddos they can be quite troublesome to manage. Here are some tips: Babies should have a change out outfit for emergency and/or be wearing a bib on until the shoot began. If your wearing lighter colors do not feed or treat them before the session. Instead, use treats and food as a reward for doing such a good job (secretly just making sure no one messes up the shoot). We understand that you may have taken a lot to get this all together and sometimes with kids nothing happens as planned; still it is always helpful to come to the session with a positive attitude. Sessions only take a few minutes (less than ten) and a photo last a lifetime so don’t let your frustration show. Come into the session with a positive attitude you and your families’ photos will look amazing guaranteed.

Children smiling at a portrait photo shoot

Tip # 3 Explaining the family dynamics

Help eliminate the guessing game and be clear of the relationships within the family. Especially with bigger groups, don’t just say, “We are all just family.” We need to know the relationships start with the grandparents; who are their kids, do those kids have kids and group yourself up so your photographer visually can see how everyone is related and plan the session accordingly. Lastly be sure to let the photographer know about any other special relationships or specific poses you wanted so no one is left out and you leave the session with everything you wanted!

About Kalem Eaton, Professional Traveling Portrait Photographer

Hey, my name is Kalem E. since I’ve been working with AM Studios for the last 2 years they have helped me to meet many amazing groups of individuals and families. While enhancing my photography skills, focus and determination. AM studios has allowed me to be more confident in what I can achieve in myself. Working with AM Studios has been an experience that I’ve never had from any other company.

headshot of Kalem Eaton, professional traveling portrait photographer