3 is the Magic Number

3 is the magic number. Such a comfortable number of people for a great family photo shoot. A beautiful young mother, handsome new father and adorable giggling baby boy.  This family came into the AM Mobile Studios with smiles and a sunny disposition ready for what I assume was their first set of family photos. Mama stepped up to sign in while Papa started getting the little man and himself ready. I could already tell that these guys were going to be smooth as silk. The first step, set up the first family pose. Nothing easier. The family slides together and fills the frame perfectly. The baby is smiling, mom and dad sit up straight and give me great wide smiles.

A young family having professional family portraits taken with their newborn son

The Family Portrait Photography Process

Now it’s time for mama with her little guy; easy peasy. Time for dad and baby; extremely cute. But now it’s time for the little guy to be on his own. To my surprise he looks around a little bit then focuses in on the camera with his massive eyes and the pictures are rolling. I see that he’s doing really well on his own so why don’t we give him something to play with? On the side of the studio is a great big Valentine’s Day heart. He takes hold and looks right up to find me ready to snap that picture. One more photo and he is all done! Such a photogenic baby. Now it’s time for mom and dad to grab the spotlight and they are just as adorable as their newborn. Mom gives dad a little kiss on the cheek so we have to get them a picture of that. Finally comes the last family pose and I am almost sad to see them go. But they come all together perfectly and with their beautiful smiles and then quick as a flash they are all done!

A young couple takes a family portrait in Colorado Springs

How 3 Translates to Family Portrait Perfection

Photographing families of three is slowly becoming my favorite kind of session because there is an intimacy that translates so easily through the camera. Not to say that families larger or smaller families lack intimacy, but there is something so fulfilling seeing this brand-new family taking their first family photos and having such an easy time with it. Hope to see this little one again soon for your next photo session!

A young family sits with their toddler son during a family portrait photo session